Thursday, 14 April 2011

You broke up with me on TV..... low life lying sh*t!
You said that I was baby doll
And I was really fit,
You said we'd get some money
So best 'ponce it up a bit.'

I had me hair done special,
By that girl from down the road,
An' I bought a brand new tracky
An new trainers, tagged wiv gold.

Me nails an' face our Sharon did,
I looked the f**king BIZ!
And still you said I'd screwed our Dave,
You'll f**ckin' pay for this!!!

I'm not the one that shagged about,
You had that skanky bit
An' our Sharon saw you with her,
So man, don't give me your sh*t!

And then he said, did Jeremy
That I was 'in denial'
That our Dave had said I did it
That is  just' his f**kin' style!

You broke up with me on TV
I think that's f**kin' rich
You think you're somethin' special
I think
You're a f**kin' bitch!!!

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