Friday, 15 April 2011

The Green Flare - Tarot for The Unwary

The most mysterious Green Flare has eaten too much sulphur again. Still it shakes the words loose and the occasional fire is a small price to pay.

Merryl used the Tarot cards.
She'd read them every day.
For Merryl hoped the Tarot Cards
would guide and show the way.

Lovingly she'd lay them out
on velvet cloth of black.
With book on lap, she'd practise them
until she had the knack.

The way Arcane is what she sought
Major minor all.
She committed them to memory
Till they lodged within her thought.

One day she felt she'd broken through
the purple shaded veil.
Intensity of all her will
had drained her spirits pail.

She met a man named Rod-er-ney
She hoped he was the one.
But she spread the cards, before her legs
to see if harm could come.

The cards warned 'GO!' But her heart said 'NO!'
And so she went ahead.
But Dark Rodders was a twisted soul.
Shagged. Strangled. Left for dead.

Rod nicked her cash and took the deck.
Thought nothing of the deed.
He laid them down in the Rose and Crown
Five quid a go, he'd read.

A Crack Head, Tom, he took him on.
Smug Roddo spread the deck.
Then made up things that upset Tom,
who stabbed him in the neck.

As life ebbed, Rods mind worked quick
A plea to God rehearsed.
What nasty Rodders never knew
was that he'd read the cards reversed!

If you would study Tarot cards,
perhaps you feel the need.
They never state, but indicate.
And you'd do well to heed.

The cards don't speak in earthly ways
So read them at your peril
Be wise and view them thoughtfully
Or end like Rod and Merryl.

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