Wednesday, 27 April 2011

She smiled at me

She smiled at me
Through the candyfloss flavoured air,
And shaped a word
I could not understand.

I backed away,
Melting under her gaze,
Afraid to look away,
Afraid she might touch me,
Afraid of myself.

Quaking in my skin,
My own flesh betrayed me,
Singing out a siren song
Of scent and heat.
Her nostils flared.
She knew it.
My weakness, my wanting.

That was then.

Shards of my sanity still remain,
Stabbing between her teeth and my skin.
My blood,
Such a small thing to give.

I drift, eyes closed.

Her hands on my skin,
All I can feel,
All I can feel,
All I can feel,
All I can.....


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