Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Wind

She came; gently at first, with a lovers caress,
All lace and perfume and the promise of peace.
The trees stroked her as she swept through their branches.
Like the arms of the earth they bowed to protect her.
But her peace could not last long.

Quickly they came, thrashing through the night,
A violent enemy gusting harsh and cold.
Billowing with rage they came,
Tearing through the leaves, uprooting the young;
screaming out their hatred
That she had ever lived.

But The Wind breathed in their power and she changed.
Round and aroud she whirled, faster and faster,
Until nothing but the scream of the messangers could be heard.
'Listen!!' she berated the sky, 'Listen and despair!'
And she blew.

Many years have passed since her death.
Since she sacrificed herself for to promise of life.

But now, on an a winters night, they stood.
In a quiet glade, they stood.
And waited.
And waited.

When it came they screamed into the howling.

Such willing minds, willing hearts, crying out for knowledge.

Eyes closed they stood,
Whilst all around them came a sound that shook the ground.
A sound that was everything.
Gliding, soaring....

Their minds were free now,
Carried on a wind that drew them ever upward,
A wind that blew though their souls,
Becoming everything they had ever been
And everything they ever would be.
She was the soul of the world.
At last she had been heard.

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