Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Peace does not visit the guilty mind

They said Nemo Malus Felix,
And I swear to God it's true.
Especially when I think of
All those things
You made me do.

I can't sleep for more than an hour,
Before those nightmares start.
'Fore every wicked thing
I've done
Is nailed into my heart.

If only I'd told you I wouldn't,
But my lust had sealed my fate.
I was desperate to feel you inside me.
That now I only hate.

It's true that I shouldn't have killed her
You were evil to tease me that night.
And to laugh as her blood flowed around me
You're a devil,
In that she was right.

I know;
Peace does not visit the guilty mind,
Every day is a dantean curse.
But to know you still lived in the same world as me, that,
My cruel little corpse,
Would be worse.

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