Saturday, 16 April 2011

I Saw You!

I saw you,
When you thought that everybody else had gone.
I watched you,
What you did there, when you thought you were alone,
I took a chance,
But really wish I hadn't stayed behind,
Now I want to poke my minds eye out, I want it to be blind.

I'm having trouble processing the awful things I've seen,
I don't know how I managed not to scream and scream and scream,
I think I knew that if you found me, that would be the end,
But now I don't know if I can pretend to be your friend.

I can't pretend that I didn't know just what you like to do,
To both yourself and others, when the working day is through.
Now every time you speak to me, I'm terrified you'll ask,
But I'm never, ever, staying late with you,
And that's a fact!

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