Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Green Flare - What?

This is a guest poem by my very good friend, The Green Flare. They are an enigma wrapped up in a duvet... which is often on fire. Still, they're a Wordsmith and I'm keeping them.

You know what you are
Don't you?
You know you are,
You know?
You're one of them
S'what you are.
I know you know,
my friend.
You aint no lamb
You aint no sheep
You are not alone
You are not asleep
You know what I be
Don't you?
You know, I know,
You know?
I'm one of them
S'what I are
So now you know,
my friend.
I be no lamb
You aint no sheep
we're not alone
I'm just asleep

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