Saturday, 12 March 2011

Look out there's a Monster coming!

Look out, there's a monster coming!

How do you know it's not already here?
Hiding in the skin of a politician,
Waiting for dumb prejudice to reappear.
Call it just a feeling or you'll call it just a notion,
Whatever you might call it won't be worth a damn;
Hear it lurking in the speech of a BNP child,
Calling to the heart of the weakened man.

But baby,

Don't heed the calling, deny it any audience,
Fight it in the bone, in the blood, in the head,
Deny it in the feeling, in the morning or the mourning,
Without our fear to feed it then it's already dead.


Look out there's a monster coming,

Better get a weapon and the will to fight,
Look with your brain then with your eyes
And truth will usually follow,
And remember
Shun the darkness and embrace the light!

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