Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The Land of Grimney

So, maybe I've been looking in the wrong places for the wrong things, who knows!
But suddenly, I think I've stumbled upon the right place.
Who knows whether it's got the right things, only time will tell.

I could tell it was the right place because it gave me that funny, strange, tight feeling in my stomach that looking at pictures of Nana Mouskouri with those glasses and her stern face used to. In fact, I just googled her to make sure I spelt her name right and guess what, she still makes me feel the same way. But that's probably another story. In fact, it's definately another story!!

The point I'm making, I think, is that my interest has definately been piqued. Heaven help those poor people of Grimney Land.

I can feel a short story coming on, back once it's over. Pass me a tissue.

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