Monday, 21 March 2011

Anna goes to Grimney - Part 1

I can't keep away from The Land Of Grimney It's a land in slumber, waiting to burst into life. Go there, look around, sign up. Write something (I know I'm bossy but it's worth it)

Anyway, I've been motivated to write a tale. Here's the first installment, hope you like it.

Anna goes to Grimney - Part 1
Something tickled persistently against her nose and she sleepily waved her hand across her face to stop it. The tickle moved off to her cheek where it quickly became obvious that whatever it was had legs, and far too many of them.
Spider! The thought hit her feet first and dragged her body behind it almost as an after thought. Hands spasmodically patting her head and face as if putting out a fire she stumbled about, eyes clenched shut in case the spider tried to run into her eyes. She knew they could, she'd seen it in a documentary once.
She scrubbed at her eyebrows a few more times before risking a look in her mirror.
Her eyes were now wide open and she froze, and just stared.
That wasn't her bedroom wall. And that definitely wasn't her mirror.
She looked around. There was a her sized, body shaped indentation in the long grass nearby. She looked harder, as something shiny caught her eye. A broach. She picked it up. A silver willow tree. Pretty but not hers. Then she saw more spiders moving in the grass and hurriedly backed away.
Strange knotted trees grew to her left, grass and fields to her right. In the distance she could see mountains, purpled by distance. She turned. More gnarly trees.
She shielded her eyes against the sun. There was definitely a wooden fence over there though. Man made. Which meant there'd be people around here somewhere.
She breathed out, relieved. Anna knew she was pretty clever, her dad was always telling people. She's a good girl our Anna, got her head screwed on that one. Been smarter than me ever since she was little. Always beats me at University Challenge, haha!
That bit wasn't true. She'd got five questions right once which was, she knew, pretty good for 12; but she didn't mind her dad exaggerating. It made her feel good he was so proud. But she wasn't sure she was smart enough to work out what was happening to her now. She'd gone to bed like normal, well, a bit later than normal because her Uncle Mark and his strange new wife had come over; she'd read for a bit, gone to sleep and then woken up here, in her pyjamas. She was glad it was the long blue winter ones, the yellow ones would have been freezing! So, it was unlikely this was just a dream. No, impossible. She didn't have flu or take drugs so she probably wasn't hallucinating. Everything felt pretty solid, there was a sun, and a breeze.
So. Fact. Somehow she'd been transported from her bedroom to wherever here was in her sleep.
She shrugged, pinned the broach to the top pocket of her pyjama bottoms and decide to follow the fence for a while. She hoped that her dad hadn't discovered she was gone yet. He'd really, really panic. She started to trot. The quicker she found someone, found out where she was, the quicker she could get back home.

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