Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blinkered Man

She saw his hunger
And fed him,
A morsel at a time.
Tiny crumbs from her table;
So small she hardly even noticed them.
Not him. 
To him
Ambrosia would have tasted sour by comparison.

A lapdog to his own ideals
Her reality was paler than the fantasy she was in his mind.

Oh blinkered man,
Her cunning has wrapped you in a perfumed deceit,
And robbed you blind.

So willingly he paid the price,
It finally meant as little to her as drowning puppies.

Too late, he saw, too late,
Where duplicity dripped;
What cruel manners she employed
To put him from his friends, his funds, his life.

But in willingly delivering to her, his heart,
He sealed his fate.
So blinded by his pointless tears he didn't seen the signs,
Or feel which way the wind was moaning.

In fact, so complicit was he in his own demise
He hardly even trembled as as she left him.

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