Monday, 29 August 2011

The Spider God

So, after a fantastical adventure down a different, if somewhat familiar, trouser leg of time, I am pleased to say that my good friend The Green Flare has returned. Enigmatic as always the tale I was told of the strange time that befell them will thrill me for days to come!

I celebration of their return the Green Flare has written the entry for today.


Godhead sat in dingy lair.
Uncomfortable on a liars chair,
Flicking poison everywhere.
Whilst crazy vapors filled the air.

All it saw in others good,
It spat upon; just like it would.
It's web of insecurities
Brought all before it to their knees.
Twisting thoughts and taking tongues,
Tainting air within their lungs.

It turned the world upon its head
And messed with it till it was dead.

And then it sat and moped and cried,
Regretting those it'd caused to die.   

"I'll resurrect you, make you shine
Just how I'd like, so you'll be mine.
Think like me. 
Dance for me.
Do everything, 
Do all for me.
And then I'll let you breathe, you'll see."

Poison all who come within,
Then smugly scratch your mottled skin.
Let your silent signal traps begin,
And beckon other spiders in.

Dark spider god its flock dispersed,
Must seek new flies to do its worst.

But I with truthful, shining pin
Can pierce its bloated abdomen.
Stir the ichor, acidic brew.
And curse it roundly for all its done to you.

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