Sunday, 28 August 2011


Fury carves unsightly flavours within childhoods fingers.
Crawling, scented offal drying.
Belligerent cowardice: 
He withered in the flash light.
Fury moved blistering forearm,
Fix scalpel-sharp no-never-no-never-no to your mouth.
Fury scraped all the dead into his name.
Dry me onto your beauty.
Fury presses, down-through-up-into.
I see your rancid seduction. 
Only angels wear blue.
Fury smiles through stainless teeth.
Chatter me, chatter me, chatter, chatter.
Fury loved me.
Loves me.
Loved you.
Leaves you.
I am childhood scented, dead beauty, chattering cowardice.
I am.... Never your Fury.

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