Sunday, 14 August 2011


A camping weekend!
What a joy, what great fun!
With good friends in the country
Outside in the sun.

We've a tent, and guitars,
And those things that you need,
To at least have a snack
And make hot cups of tea.

That first evening was lovely
With great company
And a fire, beer and singing
The sky was rain free.

But calamity stalked us,
The weather closed in
So we all said goodnight
As the rain settled in.

But our tent was a haven,
We'd be dry, we'd be warm.
We were wronger than wrong
In the face of that storm.

As the canvas flapped
A pole broke free, and water trickled in,
But we couldn't hear it seeping
In the howling, rainy din.

Everything we had was soaking wet
Our bedding, clothes and food
As we paddled to the exit
We were not in cheery mood.

But hot tea revived our spirits
And we packed up and drove home
Our poor tent now in the local tip
And never more we'll roam!

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