Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

Today was, and indeed, still is: Valentine's Day.
I remembered around 2pm this afternoon when my husband brought me a cup of tea that I hadn't asked for.
Now that's what love is all about.
Moments of kindness from someone that loves me every day of the year, not just for 24 hours of it.
Funny how it used to be a day of dread for me.
Pretending I didn't know how many lovely cards I wouldn't get.
But really knowing exactly how many. None.
Although that wasn't always the case.
Sometimes I would get one that was obviously a joke. Not funny to me strangely enough, but it must have been to someone. sometime I would get one from one of my friends because they felt sorry for me.

Thank heavens for age and experience (although I'd rather have less of the age and more of the experience!!)

Happy Valentines Day!!

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