Wednesday, 16 February 2011


It's an interesting concept happiness.
Or to be more accurate, the feeling of happiness.
Being happy.
It's a state of mind, and body.
What the brain brains, the body bodies.
We all know how it feels (I am rather making the assumption that we've all been happy in our lives, even if it was only that one time, many years ago, just before...well, never mind that!)
It's something that is almost impossible to describe.
It's more that a sense of well being, of everything being right with the world.
It feels like liberation to me.
Liberation from every other thought, every other feeling, every other concern.
In that moment all we are is, well....Happiness.
If I had to give it a colour, and why wouldn't I?
That's a perfectly normal thing to do.
If I had to give it a colour it would be bright sunshine yellow. With gold flecks. Lovely.

I've heard it said that you can see a persons soul in their face when they smile and hear their inner thoughts when they laugh.
I think that's fine.
Most people are feeling good thoughts when they smile so we're going to see the good, I say most people, there's always the odd one that's planning mass murder, or maybe perpetrating line dancing.

Although, now I come to think about it I'm not sure about the laughter thing.
I had a friend who's laugh sounded like a cross between a donkey and a rusty gate.
If that noise represented her inner thoughts I don't think I want to know what she was thinking about!!

I like feeling happy.
Sometimes I forget this though.
Sometimes for days at a time.
But there always comes a point when I remember.
I don't want to feel like this any more. I want to feel happy.
And when I want a 'quick happy' this is the picture I look at.
My mum and me on my wedding day, about 10 minutes before I became a Mrs.
This is how I feel when I really feel happy.

I'd recommend it to everyone.
Please, take time out for a 'quick happy' in your day and say 'YES' to those endorphines!!

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