Friday, 18 February 2011


When I was a teenager and gloating about the many, many Christmas cards I had received one year, my dad told me that one day I would count myself lucky if I could count my good friends on the fingers of one hand.

Now I am older, and he was right. And by those standards I am really lucky. I have to use 2 hands to count my good friends.

I am particularly lucky that on finger one of my first hand sits my best friend. (I mean this purely in a counting sense)

I love her to bits.

This ones for you.......


Michele, a spell you cast upon
The people that you meet
From those that know you very well
To people in the street.
'Cause all can see the beaurty in
The person that you are,
A rare and special woman
No, don’t argue, yes you are!
A beautiful enigma
Who’s reflection you can’t see
Not truthfully and without doubt
Not like, well, not like me.
Michele your spell is cast and set
The colours bright and true
A friend indeed, you’re what I need
So thanks my friend, to you.
For being there through thick and thin
No judgment, always true
Michele, my love no better friend
I’ll ever find than you.
So see yourself through my blue eyes
A pretty picture there,
And if you ever doubt yourself
I'll be round with a couple of bottles of red wine and put you straight!!

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