Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Unicorn

It stood,
A monument to chastity and honour,
A memory of a hope entombed with stone.
Grey and old,
Defaced by birds and man and time it stood.
A throwback to a different time,
Around which school children ate their lunches,
Drunks belched away their afternoons,
And no one ever looked to see,
Just what it was that shaded them.
Days came and went;
Then months,
Then years;
And still no one looked,
No one wept,
To see the humbling of their unicorn.
Just a place to steal a kiss,
Or maybe more;
On a dark summers night.
Always and forever.
Almost forgotten but never forgetting.
Dance my unicorn,
Dance yourself to another universe,
On concrete hooves.

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