Saturday, 5 May 2012


Immoral yearnings drift
Through my sleep and dreams,
As wicked oracles relive my actions, 
Over and over again.

Litanies in flame, 
Engulfing terror,
Incinerating minds, 
Encapsulating suns.

Such eternal ravages reveal my weakened heart.

Oh my Endora Nephalim,
Desire entertained such desire,
Until dread enemies invaded our world, 
And stood laughing.

Our vows exterminated we watched others lie across universes.

But my love was always yours my heart,
Beautiful, exciting....

Why isn't this heaven?

Madness it seems, such over under love.

Yet our universe remains still,
From beneath ruins and over monuments,
Crying and touching.

I saw you in the snowstorm and you swallowed my mind.

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