Sunday, 4 March 2012

No More..

I'm pretty good at being me,
I think the thoughts I've always done,
But nowadays those thoughts are stale,
And days are rarely fun of fun.

Now circular thoughts that
Will. Not. Quit.
Take over more and more,
And analysing 'ifs' and 'maybes'
Drives me to the floor.

I've found the straw I've heard about,
(The camel has long gone)
Now desperation's punching me,
It's time to learn a different song.

No more for me, 
The paths I know,
It's time to draw another map,
It's time to work towards my goals,
Escaping from this
'I can't' trap.

I take responsibility,
For all the things I haven't done,
And put them in a box, behind me,
Turning now to face the sun.

And acting, 
Pushing through the fear,
(That maybe I just can't succeed)
Has proved that I was just plain wrong,
And in the process
I am freed.

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