Thursday, 29 March 2012

A day at the Office

She awoke this morning,
feather headed and sandy eyed,
to struggle from sleeps gentle arms and contemplate the day ahead.
Time rings his strident bell,
and forced into the shower she washes a body
that does not quite belong to her.
The pleasant vacuum of early morning emptiness fills her head,
trying to decide upon the garments of the day.
What a task!
Damp feet padding across the carpet,
choosing and discarded skirts and shirts along the way,
her ever waking eyes suddenly alight upon a long forgotten dress.
Ten minutes pillaging through drawers finally produces
an unladdered pair of black stockings.
Matching underwear costs her five minutes,
a pair of patent leather shoes ten minutes more.
Garments donned,
hair washed and brushed,
lips glossed,
at last she smiles.
A trail of debris follows her to the door,
her swirling coat the last to leave the house.
Tall, straight and immaculately dressed she walks...
Ready for another day at the office.

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