Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Heat dried ruby rolling, falling, sweating slide down cheeks of satin.
Emeralds shimmer tears of ruby. Down, down. Cover the glistening with sheets of maybe.
Smile beloved. Smile for acing, drowning ruby will cover all in shades of winter.
Forget spring dawning, maid of sorrow. Made of sorrows. Ruby traps you, sears you, blinds you. All your agonies are ruby. Memories do not deceive you. True, too true to see the ruby, waiting, hiding in your shadows. True to life, loves life, gives love, takes life, only shades of darkest ruby, shining through your childhood cherry. Then your smile was full of maybe, promise making more tomorrows. Shielding rubies dawn of sorrows. Long days, last nights, end cherry sharp bite.
Taken, torn. No more childhood shields to mend you. Bend you, break you ruby takes you, sharp as daylight through your shutters.
Emerald eyes we love you…
Watched you, cursed you, loved you, sought you. Caught you in the winters snow fall. Took you from your Monday, Tuesday, mornings, evenings, real time playthings. All your nothings making angels red as ruby, softly, cruelly.
Poor pretty. Never cried. Lost within the chatter chitter child like Alice.
Help me, hold me!
Don’t struggle angel, fight us, hate us, never dreamt of true friends like us.
Wake angel.
Ruby wakes us, shakes us, makes us hold you; take you, warm as summer, cold as twilight.
Scream our angel.
Peel your sunshine, glisten slowly, toad my daydream.
We never sought to hurt you.
Emerald ruby, drawn in our time, your time, her time. There shows ruby. Touch you with her gentle cruelty. Shows you, sees you, makes you nowhere. Touch us with the softest nightmare.
Emerald, when you fought the red it gave us forward to tomorrow. Showed us promises of other smother us in….mother you found us!
Ruby saved us; Emerald gave us, solace from your antique heartache. We see you, saw you, loved you, fought you.
Farewell mother, ruby lover.
Emerald we need you.

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