Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Twiddle Fingers by The Green Flare


Lay enchantments over me,
Twiddle Fingers make the spell.
Magic me a fire,
warmth, colour, all things well.

I'm open to suggestion
in the warmth of fires light.
Let Twiddle Fingers touch me
and see the smile bright.

I have a charm, a unicorn.
He brings hope to all forlorn.
Gifts joy and luck and all things true.
His horn is pointing straight at you.

Let Twiddle Fingers circle me,
vibrating deep within.
Let Twiddle Tingles play on me
like harp or violin.

I'm open to suggestion
in the glow of your warm light.
Oh Twiddle Fingers, reach for me.
And fly me into night.

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