Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bubbleland by The Green Flare

I'm happier not knowing thanks,
I'd rather just envision.
I'll just sit here, in Bubbleland,
Not watch the television.

Too much know is not so good.
With twisted facts, half understood.
And orange people with bright teeth,
Shout out the latest corporate beef.
Expecting us to feel the grief,
While never looking underneath.
I, upon the other hand,
Am happier in Bubbleland.

I get the picture, all is shit,
That would seem the sum of it.
They hate them and they hate those.
Another Tyrant to depose?

While we, the peaceful are asleep,
Satellites in space go bleep.
Sending news on down our way.
Tomorrow is another day!
But I've banned the clock to make a stand.
We won't get up, in Bubbleland.

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