Sunday, 1 May 2011

Darkly Darling

I am your Darkly Darling,
Hidden inside all the other selves
I have grown
to protect the real Me.

The Me that peers out at the world
And wonders,

Could I survive?

Only your shining words
Release me,

In the dark,

In the night,

When all the others sleep.

No need then to worry then,
Am I sane?

No tics or habits,
No rages or fugues
Can protect me from you.

You slide beneath their soporifics,
Silky as a dream,
And rescue my racing heart
From the waking death
That is my life.


Oh won't you stay?

Don't let them steal me back.

But here they come,
To drag me from my mind.

I fade, I flee;

And leave them with another me
To answer questions
I won't hear.

The real me waits,
Until the darkness comes
And I will be
Your Darkly Darling once again.

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